‘Take Five’ Concerto – by ((superar))


((superar)) team is welcoming us all to the ‘Take Five’ Concerto, taking place in the Viennese Konzerthaus, on Monday 23 April 2012, at 6pm.

Art is essential for the development of one’s identity and personality. In return, only individuals who have the chance to develop a personality are able to have a peaceful, joyful and responsible family life, to integrate fully in a work environment and be an active member of a well functioning society.

Through daily training and excellent teaching quality, the ((superar)) programme proves that art is no luxury, but part of education, which creates a strong personality and a healthy engagement with oneself and others. ((superar)) promotes the social and cultural development of the individual by engaging children and young people between 2 and 20 years of age in daily cultural and social programs. The project is implemented currently in ten scools in Austria.

Tickets are available at Konzerthaus.