Superar Romania @ the Austrian Cultural Days in Arad


Superar Romania is concerting at the Austrian Cultural Days in Arad (Romania) on 3 June 2014, 6 pm. The performance is preceded by a workshop held by Mr. Gerald Wirth, artistic director of Superar Austria as well as of the famous Vienna Boys Choir. The workshop takes place the same day, starting 2 pm, in the Festivities Hall of the “Moise Nicoara” National College, and all interested schools are invited to attend. The session will include a class on conducting children choirs in the Superar technique, and a public rehearsal led by Mr. Gerald Wirth.

Superar Romania was setup in 2013 in five locations close to the city of Brasov (in Sacele, Sfantu Gheorghe, Örko and Zizin), and offers to about 200 children the chance to experience the importance and beauty of making music together. Within a friendly and supportive atmosphere, children develop themselves freely, enhancing their key life skills: self-confidence, respect, discipline, a sense of community, and a sense of responsibility. Music classes take place almost daily for children in schools and community centers. The classes are taught by the experienced musician Elana Andrews, who is coordinating the Superar initiative in Romania.

Currently, the Superar initiative is taking place in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lichtenstein, Romania, Slovak Republic and Switzerland.