Superar Bosnia has a new House of Good Tunes in Srebrenica!

Superar Bosnia_Hous of Good Tunes opening

Superar Bosnia oficially opened its House of Good Tunes in Srebrenica, on 25 April 2015. This new music school gives the chance to 220 children of all local ethnicities to experience the importance and beauty of making music together.

Music classes, such as instruments playing and singing in the choir, as well as dancing, take place almost daily, being taught by Ismar Porić, coordinator of the Superar initiative in Srebrenica, together with his team.

“When thinking of Srebrenica most of the people think only of the genocide that happened 20 years ago. And of course there is a reason for that. With Superar’s House of Good Tunes, we hope that Srebrenica will also become known as the place with the best music school, where children from all ethnicities learn about tolerance and about the joy and power of singing together,” said Doraja Eberle, founder of Bauern helfen Bauern and Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of ERSTE Foundation.

“This new music school offers friendly and supportive atmosphere, where children have a chance to enhance their self-confidence, respect for the others, and discipline. Superar means better future for these children and it is our obligation and our privilege to give them our support in achieving that better future,” stated Ismar Poric, coordinator of the Superar initiative in Srebrenica.

Superar Bosnia was founded in 2012 with the support of Bauern helfen Bauern (Farmers Helping Farmers) and is part of the Superar initiative, currently taking place in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lichtenstein, Romania, Slovak Republic and Switzerland.