Superar Bosnia children to perform for Pope Francis

140 children of the Superar Bosnia choir will send a message of peace, friendship, and togetherness performing their “Love People” song before Pope Francis during his visit in Sarajevo. The concert will take place on Saturday, 6 June 2015, at 6:30 pm, in the concert hall of the Youth Center of the Archdiocese John Paul II – Sarajevo.

The “Love People” single was produced last year, in the aftermath of the catastrophic floods that affected Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. Upon the initiative of the children and the choir director, the song was written, recorded and released, and it gathered valuable resources to provide much needed aid to music schools in the affected areas.

The song was heard by the organisers of Pope’s visit to Sarajevo, and, recognising its message of peace and friendship, they decided to include Superar Bosnia’s performance in the official Pope’s visit program.