Storytelling for Social Good

visual by Mircea Drăgoi

A competition of journalistic projects on social topics
initiated by Decat o Revistă and ERSTE Foundation

Impact is possible when journalism is done properly, when it brings to readers’ eyes the stories of simple people, which, in the same time, illustrate complex social phenomena.

„Storytelling for Social Good“ is a competition addressed to Romanian journalists interested to develop editorial projects on topics related to the social integration of different marginalised groups (ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, LGBT, people with addictions, children, elderly, women, homeless people, migrants, poor, prisoners, refugees, returnees etc). The competition’s aim is to offer to journalists financial resources to research, write and publish impactful materials about the social issues of today’s Romania.

The jury will select between 5 and 7 proposals which will be financed with up to 1,500 Euro per editorial project.

the applications should be sent to: until 15 October 2012.

For more info, please have a look here.