Steirische Eisenstraße "Tu was" region 2012

An initiative that encourages self-initiative
Citizens develop ideas for their region

The name of the initiative, which means something like “Do something to make it happen” or “Take action to make a change”, is already half of the explanation what the initiative is about: Citizens are encouraged to develop ideas for the development of their region. “Many people have bright ideas how to improve our living together!” This is the basic idea that has led to the founding of the initiative “Tu was, dann tut sich was” through philosopher and poverty scientist Clemens Sedmak together with ERSTE Foundation, ESSL Foundation, Humer Privatstiftung, Schweighofer Privatstiftung, Katharina Turnauer Privatstiftung and Unruhe Privatstiftung.

Each year, the initiative focuses on another Austrian region. The Lungau in the province of Salzburg made the start in 2011: local citizens made more than 120 proposals, from therapeutical riding classes for asylum seekers to reading and cooking projects. Since the beginning of 2011, 66 projects have started the implementation. This is exactly what the “Tu was” initiative is about, says Franz Karl Prüller from ERSTE Foundation: “We want to be the ‘ignition aid’, everything in the region should grow!”

After the successful start in Lungau, the focus will be on the Steirische Eisenstraße (Styrian Iron Trail). Characterised by overageing and emigration, the region faces major demographic challenges in the future. “We hope that ‘Tu was’ will create a strong and sustainable impetus in the region, and that this impetus will radiate to other regions, encouraging them to pursue new ways of social responsibility”, says Gerfried Tiffner, LEADER Management.

Throughout 2012, regions from all across Austria, from the Bodensee to the Neusiedlersee are invited to apply as “Tu was” region 2013. 

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