Steirische Eisenstraße is the "Tu was"-region 2012


 17 November 2011

This year the Austrian Social Festival “Tu was, dann tut sich was” takes place in the region of Steirische Eisenstraße/ Styrian Irion Trail.

The festival starts with a kick-off conference on 17 November with following participants: Clemens Sedmak, Professor at the Kings’s College London and the University of Salzbug, chairman of ifz – International research centre for social and ethic issues, Gerfried Tiffner, representative for the organisation “Steirische Eisenstraße” and Doraja Eberle, Member of the Board of ERSTE Foundation.

Tu was, dann tut sich was is a jont initiative of 6 foundations (ERSTE Stiftung, Essl Stiftung, Turnauer Sitftung, Schweighofer Stiftung, Humer Stiftung und Unruhe Stiftung; the so called SinnStifter ”sense makers”) in cooperation with the Internationales Forschungszentrum für Soziale und Ethische Fragen (ifz). The aim of the initiative is to spark sustainable development in structurally weak regions of Austria.

The main idea of the initiative is to strengthen altruism in the region and to make it visible to the community. It tries to stimulate an altruism, which is not necessarily connected to voluntarism and therefore very often taken as something granted by the environment. Not only the genesis for “Tu was, dann tut sich was” therefore lies in the community itself, but also the ideas for it’s implementation are the result of citizens’ action committee.

The initiators devote every year their attention to a different region in Austria. After the successful Kick-off in Lungau, the project makes a stop in Steirische Eisenstraße. 2012 all inhabitants are invited to show active social engagement. This is particularly important, as aging and depopulation represent serious demographic challenges in this area.

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