Spaces of Unfinished Modernisations: Actions and Reactions


Conference and 2 exhibitions
7-8 October 2011, 
Split, Croatia

The conference Spaces of Unfinished Modernisations: Actions and Reactions is the fourth in a series of conferences that are a part of the two-year (2010-2012) international research project Unfinished Modernisations: Between Utopia and Pragmatism – Architecture and Urbanism in the Former Yugoslavia and the Successor Countries. The project investigates the production of the built environment within the social, economic and cultural context of socialist Yugoslavia and the reflections of these processes in today’s independent countries after the breakdown of the former state.

The Split conference will focus on the history of development and planning on the Adriatic coast; two public interviews will be held with architects and urban planners who took part, at the time of the former Yugoslavia, in the planning and designing of various tasks on the Adriatic coast: from housing, via major public projects, to tourist infrastructure. The conference will be closed by lectures of Darovan Tušek (professor, Architecture Faculty, Split), Tom Avermaete (professor of TU Delft) and Dietmar Steiner (director, Architekturzentrum, Vienna).

Two exhibitions will be opened, and will constitute a part of the conference. An exhibition of photographs called Frames of Unfinished Modernisations by the Austrian photographer Wolfgang Thaler will show 80 photographs of architecture of the socialist period from the former Yugoslavia.

The exhibition Unfinished Modernisations: Between Utopia and Pragmatism presents 14 researches that are the hub of the project. The focus of the exhibition is on the physical space – the production of cities, one of the basic resources of socialist modernisation – and the roles that architecture and urban design had in this production.

The admission is free.
Dom mladih – Multimedia Culture Centre, Split, Croatia

Here you can download the programme of the event.

Photo credits:
Hotel Lone, Rovinj, 2011. Architects: 3LHD
Stambene zgrade Split3, 1977. Architect: Ivo Radić, photograph: Wolfgang Thaler
Stadion Poljud, Split, 1979. Architect: Boris Magaš, photograph: Wolfgang Thaler
Hotel Mediteran, Poreč, 1970. Architect: Matija Salaj