29 November 2011
Satu Mare

SOMARO is an acronym which stands for Social Market Romania. It’s aim is to sell donated everyday household essentials at symbolic prices to low-income customers. It was established to provide help and support to those inhabitants of Satu Mare who are threatened by poverty.

The concept of a supermarket that carries unsalable or unused merchandise for low-income consumers originated in the USA. It was subsequently taken up by an Austrian group, which opened this country’s first social market SOMA in Linz during 1999. Industrial and retail companies supply products that are still suitable for consumption but are not designated for sale in a supermarket – for example because the packaging is slightly damaged or soiled, or the best-before date will soon be reached. These products – which represent everyday/household essentials – are offered to eligible persons at symbolic prices (approx. 30%-50% of the discount retail price).

The project is implemented in cooperation with Katharina Turnauer Privatstiftung, Caritas Romania and Soma Verein.