Slobodija Odysseia, mon Amour!

slobodija odysseia mon amour

Between legend and reality: actors and musicians tell stories about tomorrow, today and from far away. The wandering and stories of Odysseus meet on stage stories of today’s people who were forced to leave their homes, were or are still refugees and in search of a new home. These uprooted are the heroes of this story.

Migrant, refugee, Roma, war returnee, hero, artist: which search connects them? In oder to be able to understand the situation of refugees in Europe and to be able to deal with prejudices, the team of Bahmut Productions organised a number of interviews with lawyers, psychologists, asylum seekers, Roma…

The theater production “Slobodija Odysseia, mon Amour!” travels to the beginnings of our democracy, to the beginnings of the written letter in Europe. It investigates the meaning of human rights for us today and what people in need can expect from us. It opens questions about our European identity.

23 March at Deutsches Staatstheater Temeswar
26 March at National Theater Sibiu
28 March at ArCuB Bukarest

The Bahmut Productions company brings experienced artists from three different nations together. The goal is to respond on a high artistic level with international and interdisciplinary art productions to current issues and events.

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