PATTERNS Lectures goes to Screen Conference 2013 in Glasgow

Poster Filmclub Budapest

Talk by Andrea Pócsik

In the framework of PATTERNS Lectures at ELTE University Budapest, the university lecturer Andrea Pócsik had the opportunity to maintain and develop the tradition of a Media Studies course about the representation of Roma which was held regularly during documentary film club evenings that were open for the public.

It was based on the theoretical standpoint that since the change of the current political system, Roma representation in Hungary has become gradually a politically and academically overused catchphrase blurring its real content: the visibility and invisibility of Roma people in public life (cultural, political, art and other scenes) and in the media in general.

Considering that universities should be “permanent places for cultural resistance” (Immanual Wallerstein), the seminar-film club serves as a meeting point for Roma and non-Roma students and intellectuals, which provides opportunities for public debates about “otherness” in film and media and is crucial to the cultural scene of cosmopolitan life.

In her paper, Andrea Pócsik will analyse and interpret the renewal of the old film club tradition and how it is enriched with political importance. How does it heighten awareness about the right to minority representation and inform students about the importance of Roma community media, and familiarize them with the intellectual, cultural and political achievements of the Roma intelligentsia in Hungary? Does it mark new directions in academic research undermining existing power structures?

Date: 29 June 2013, 4:30 – 6 pm
Location: Screen Conference, University of Glasgow

Screen Conference, 28 – 30 June, 2013
University of Glasgow, Gilmorehill Centre, Glasgow G12 8QQ, Scotland, UK

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This event takes place in the frame of PATTERNS Lectures.