ROY G. BIV – Active Art project against any form of discrimination

20-21 June 2011, 8 pm
A document-performance on the intolerance expressed publicly, openly, without any control or responsibility, shamelessly by the political leaders and public figures of the Republic of Moldova in 2011.

With: Emilian Crețu, Veaceslav Sambris, Ina Surdu, Doriana Talmazan, Irina Vacarciuc
Producers: Nicoleta Esinencu and Nora Dorogan
Author of the project: Bogdan Georgescu

In 1864, when the constitution and the first modern criminal code were adopted in Romania and Moldova, same-sex relationships weren’t incriminated in any way. In 1995, Moldova removes from its criminal code the article which persecutes homosexuality, which was adopted by Carol the 2nd in 1937, following the model of Nazi Germany, the Romanian ally at the time. At this moment (June 2011) the antidiscrimination law is not any longer debated upon in the Moldovan Parliament, being withdrawn because it mentions the “sexual orientation” form of discrimination, along with any other form. The antidiscrimination law was meant to protect in the first place all minorities against the abuse of authorities and secondly, against the abuse of the citizens. Political leaders come out with statements such as: “there are some disorders, nature is nature, but that doesn’t imply that we have to put them on the front page. It’s like we would take out our sick people from the psychiatry hospital and set them free downtown. I won’t vote.” And they make use of this situation for electoral purposes, promising “normal” families” to the society.

The project ROY G. BIV is part of the CĂLCĂTORIE RESIDENCY of the Spălătorie Theatre. The CĂLCĂTORIE RESIDENCY is a creative platform for artwork and interaction between young independent artists from Moldova and local and international guest artists. The goal of the program is the exchange of information and artistic tools through a collaborative creative process for performing projects, engaged, responsible and directly involved in the society and the context they take place – a meeting point for artists with different perspectives and backgrounds where, while working together, each one develops his/her own artistic tools, his/her critic perspective and artistic personality.

ROGVAIV was produced in cooperation with the German Cultural Centre ACCENTE with the support of ERSTE Foundation.

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