Romanian Dance History III (Social Dance)

(c) Manuel Pelmus

(c) Manuel Pelmus

9 December 2011, 7:30 pm
Tanzquartier, Vienna (free admission)
Lecture: Speranta Radulescu, Anca Giurchescu, Manuel Pelmus

“A proposed academic course at the Bucharest National Conservatory to discuss a recent form of music and dance generally known as Manele ended with an official complaint for “national treachery” against two professors.

Earlier this year I have invited the two accused researchers Speranta Radulescu and Anca Giurchescu to share their research on Manele at the National Dance Center Bucharest and to reflect on this form of dance that is mainly associated with the Roma community. At the same time, I decided that my project Romanian Dance History needs another chapter. One which is looking at the Manele dances from a choreographic point of view and considering choreography “not only as a discipline but also as a social paradigm” (East Dance Academy).

For me Manele is a contemporary form of dance and a gesture of empowerment performed by a certain social group that resists being silenced. They do that in a controversial, loud, improvised and irreverent way. And the whole society wants to look elsewhere and pretend it never happened. But we would like to take a look at it together with you.

Speranta Radulescu and Anca Giurchescu will join me in Vienna and Romanian Dance History will have another glorious chapter!”

Manuel Pelmus (Romanian choreographer and dancer)

“The Manea in Romanian Public Debates Concerning Transition, Democracy, the Roma Minority, and Reconstruction of National Identity” was one of the Romanian lectures supported by ERSTE Foundation within the PATTERNS_Lectures project.