Romani Design on the catwalk

Romani Design at Marie Claire Fashion Days

For the first time this year, Hungarian organisation Romani Design is participating in the prestigious Marie Claire Fashion Days, taking place during 7-9 November in Budapest.

My Identity – My Freedom, the new collection signed by Romani Design, is for women who boldly embrace their identity, are self-confident and modern, celebrating creativity, the joy of life and love to live free. The Roma traditional motifs and patterns are reinterpreted in a modern style, combining clothes and accessories in a unique and fresh manner, playing with a multitude of forms.

The main source of inspiration for the collection is the traditional apron (kretinca) worn usually by Romani women. This piece of clothing has a special meaning, spanning through generations: the apron’s embroideries are started by the mother, and when the daughter inherits it, she continues the embroidery in her own style, enriching its motifs with a modern touch. The new collection is reinterpreting the apron/ kretinca as a central piece of clothing, combining it with vivid floral waistcoats, unique embroidered bags, and intriguing porcelain jewelry.

Romani Design will share the catwalk with young Hungarian designers such as Dori Thomcsanyi, The Four, Nora Sharman and others. The event will also gather young artists from France, former students from École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués, École Duperré, École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Atelier Chardon Savard.

Romani Design presentation at the Marie Claire Fashion Days
Date: 09 November 2014, 08:30 pm
Venue: VAM Design Center, Kiraly street 26, Budapest

For the detailed programme of the Marie Claire Fashion Days, have a look here:

Romani Design is a social enterprise and a fashion label that reinterprets traditional Romani motifs with a modern “twist” for women who like unique brands and socially responsible products. It aims to create a dialogue between Roma and non-Roma population as well as jobs for Roma women.

Romani Design is one of the member NGOs in the ERSTE Foundation Roma Partnership, an informal alliance of organisations dedicated to improving the life of Roma people in the communities across Central and South-Eastern Europe. The platform was born out of a common concern: to support social enterprise development initiatives at community levels, involving Roma and non-Roma collaboration. The Partnership focuses on opportunities for developing livelihoods to create jobs and generate incomes from community initiatives.