Roma Transitions Web Platform online!

Roma Transitions is a platform for Transitions projects aimed at helping both Roma and non-Roma journalists in getting skills and knowledge necessary to responsibly engage in issues significant for the Roma communities in Central and South Eastern Europe. The projects include instructions in a variety of settings, ranging from online courses and seminars to in-the-field, collaborative reporting by teams of Roma and non-Roma journalists as well as participation in Transitions internship programs. One of the main results is media content on issues relevant for Europe’s Roma communities by Roma and other authors with a view to raising the visibility of, and facilitating constructive debate on, Roma issues.

The Romani Journalist Advancement inititatve is designed to improve the skills of Roma journalists in Romania, Bulgaria, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Czech Republic, and, as of 2007, Serbia and Macedonia. Applied is “shoulder-to-shoulder” reporting, a training method often applied in Transitions programs that sees trainers and trainees working side by side on concrete stories. These collaborative efforts resulted in stories on wide-ranging topics, such as the displaced Roma from Kosovo; Macedonia’s Roma Muslims; the allegations of vote-buying in the Roma communities in the region of Varna in Bulgaria and many more.

The Advancing Roma Visibility initiative aims at increasing the quantity, quality and accessibility of media content, including both news and information for the Roma communities in the Balkans—in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia in particular—with the idea to permanently increase the visibility of problems, rights and needs of the Roma population in the region.

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