Revisiting Traditional Roma Crafts in Vienna

Romano ButiQ

To all of you in Vienna: join us for the events taking place at the Wien Museum on 9 and 10 May, as part of the “Romane Thana. Places of the Roma and Sinti” exhibition programme:

Meșteshukar ButiQ: Revisiting Traditional Roma Crafts

Products made of copper and iron, basketwork, woodcarvings, silver jewelry, and much more will be exhibited in front of the Wien Museum: Roma craftsmen from Romania have developed a new collection in collaboration with the two Austrian designers Nadja Zerunian and Peter Weisz. For the first time, the handmade products, their makers and their stories will be presented in Vienna.

When: Saturday, 9 May and Sunday, 10 May, from 10 am to 6 pm
Where: Karlsplatz, in front of the Wien Museum

Meşteshukar ButiQ is a label of Romano ButiQ Association. The NGO was founded in 2011 in order to preserve the cultural and artistic heritage of the Roma community, and is supported within the ERSTE Foundation Roma Partnership.
Visual: (c) Sorin Onișor

Everything about copper – or how to build a rocket out of copper tubes
Workshop for children (8 to 14 years)

eematico ikedooCopper is a material that is most familiar to and mastered by the Roma community artisans. Together with trainers from Romania, who are specialized in experiential learning, the children will build a rocket out of copper tubes with a bipolar engine and a small circuit with batteries that would be used inside the rocket. At the end, the children will decorate the rocket covered in a paper/ cloth. The countdown has started…

The NGO eematico-ikedoo from Bucharest, Romania, focuses on experiential learning and is supported within the ERSTE Foundation Roma Partnership. The organisation has developed a mobile lab which prepares less privileged Roma and non-Roma youth for their future professional life.

Where: Wien Museum, Karlsplatz
When: Saturday, 9 May, 2 to 5 pm
Please register your children at:
Contribution: EUR 5.-
The workshop is held in German.