Remembering Maly Trostinec

Maly Trostinec

Nowhere were so many Austrian victims of the Shoa murdered by National Socialists as in Maly Trostinec, Belarus. Even so this spot near Minsk is barely known in Austria. The association IM-MER invites to the presentation:

Murdered in Maly Trostinec
The Austrian victims of the Shoa in Belarus

26 November 2012, 7.30 pm
Wien Museum
Karlsplatz, 1010 Vienna

Presentation of the like-named conference material
Presentation of the Creativity-Contest for a memorial in Maly Trostinec

Return the names to the Dead

Panel Discussion„ Remembering and Repressing Memories in Austria“

with Alfred Gottwaldt (German Technology Museum Berlin), Andreas Mailath-Pokorny ( Executive City Councillor for Culture and Science), Hans Safrian (Institute for Contemporary History, University of Vienna), Danielle Spera (Jewish Museum Vienna). Irene Suchy, Moderation.

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