Reality Report – “The hands that baked Romania”

Concordia Bakery

Austerity measures all over Europe have had a negative impact not only on “normal” social statuses, but also on different categories of marginalised groups. Not only wages and pensions were cut, but also social security budgets. The “Young people” chapter stands out. In the ‘90s, Romania’s under-performance regarding state care for abandoned children drew a bleak picture of a country unable to integrate a social group inherited from the communist regime, although not acknowledged by the later: that of abandoned children.

Oana Dan and Vlad Stoicescu, two young journalists from Bucharest, produced a documentary on what seems to be a success story in integrating street children, by training them to become bakers and pastry chefs. It’s, on a superficial level, a story about the success of an NGO that has managed to take responsibility and tackle the problem. Called Concordia Bakery, the project is providing adolescents facing high risk of marginalisation with the proper infrastructure to acquire the required skills to bake bread and make pastry products, while securing a safe environment where they live and learn to gain independence.

The entire report you will find here.  

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