Rambo Amadeus at ERSTE Foundation

Rambo Amadeus is the stage name of the Belgrade-based Montenegrin singer-songwriter Antonije Pusic, popular all over former Yugoslavia. The self-titled “musician, poet, and media manipulator” continues to be one of the most interesting phenomena on the music scene of the former Yugoslavia.

His songs combine satirical lyrics on the nature of common people and silliness of local politics. He uses a mixture of musical styles including jazz and rock (converging towards drum and bass lately), and self-conscious ironic wit. Known also as a “charming king of jovial pop”, his concerts are never mere repetitions of recorded songs, but a mixture of musical improvisation and humor exploiting all aspects of human nature in a crude manner. Some fans compare his style and career path with those of Frank Zappa or Captain Beefheart.

ERSTE Foudnation has invited Rambo Amadeus to hold a concert at the Balkan Case Challence (BCC) 2010 in Vienna. BCC is an annual international case study competition and recruitment event for students with focus on South Eastern Europe. On this occasion Rambo Amadeus visited ERSTE Foundation and shared some of his thoughts with us.