Rabih Mroué: The Pixelated Revolution. By tranzit.cz

Rabih Mroué: The Pixelated Revolution

A non-academic lecture about the usage of mobile phones during the Syrian revolution
Date: 29 August 2012, 7pm

The lecture aims to study the advice and directions regarding the taking of photographs during the events of the Syrian revolution, as this advice was shared via Facebook and other virtual communication tools. In which manner can we envisage the photographic traces broadcast by Syrians in the vast universe of the Internet?

Are the broken-up and incomplete images sent by Syrians an extension of their physical experience?

In his lecture, Mroué’s investigates and reads into these matters, and presents his personal interpretation of this phenomenon.

Rabih Mroué, an actor, director, playwright, visual artist and a co-founder of the Beirut Art Center, comes to Prague at the invitation of tranzitdisplay.
In the past, he introduced himself to the Czech audience by his first solo show (Rabih Mroué, I, the Undersigned, BAK 2011 / Will the spring visit us?, TD 2011). His performative lecture The Pixalated Revolution is currently going also at Documenta 13.

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