“Perspectives of Urban Development” – Public Lecture & debate in Prishtina


Public Lecture

Archis Interventions continues its series of public lectures and discussions with lectures by Andres Lepik (Technical University Munich, Dir. Munich Architecture Museum) and Vedran Mimica (IIT College of Architecture, USA). The lecturers will present examples of innovative forms of urbanism and architecture dealing with problems of urban transformation. The public event aims to encourage discussion in Prishtina about its future development.

Andres Lepik: MODERATORS OF CHANGE – Contemporary Architecture engaging with Society

Politics and the public are currently once again focusing on the socially responsible role of architecture. More and more people around the world live under unacceptable conditions, for instance in slums and shantytowns. Several architects and artists are devoting themselves to the question of how to actively contribute to solving social problems with new types of designs. By directly including users in the design and building process and working with new economic models, they have realized projects that have had profound, positive effects with just a minimum investment of money and materials: besides comprehensive urban infrastructures, the lecture presents model projects such as schools, libraries, gardens, converted buildings, and art projects.

Vedran Mimica: NEW EUROPEAN CAPITAL – Prishtina on Crossroads

In the process of becoming the youngest European capital, Prishtina must rethink its urban planning policies within current political, economic and social crossroads. The urban metropolitan development of the city of Pristina should use the very best practices form the South East European region while addressing its specificities and values. Two case studies will be presented, elaborating on metropolitan developments in cities of Ljubljana and Tirana.

Date: 22 February 2013, 6 p.m.
Location: Modelarium, Faculty of Architecture, University of Prishtina



In the situation of continuing lack of vision for the City of Prishtina, Archis Interventions is planning to do an exhibition and public campaign about the future of Prishtina in 2013. Based on the previously worked out Urban Vision in 2009 Archis Interventions is working out a proposal for a programmatic and structural strategy for the urban development of the City of Prishtina. With images and models presented in an exhibition a wider public audience will be addressed and accompanied by a media campaign including TV it is the aim to raise public attention to this very important topic, which should trigger a public debate. This activity is meant as a support of the ongoing process of restructuring and improvement of the city of Prishtina.

In a workshop in April 2012 a concept for the improvement and upgrading of the inner city has been developed and will be further worked on in a workshop in February 2013. The concept is based on a five year development strategy focusing on public ground and would give the local authorities a practical and sustainable concept to implement immediately and without big financial efforts. The results of the workshops will be assembled and presented in an exhibition in June 2013 to a wider public.

Date: 23 and 24 February 2013
Location: Archis Interventions in collaboration with University of Prishtina