Private Nationalism Bratislava


25 years after 1989 we are facing multiple inner as well as geo-political challenges deeply rooted in inconsequence of the transformation processes after 1989. Proclaimed state´s safety and democratisation of the society backed by the membership in EU and NATO is being seriously challenged by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine which raises fundamental questions about sustainability of the EU as a transformative power in Eastern Europe.

Nationalism still prevails as an effective agenda of the populist politicians whose chances are being enhanced within the consequences of the economic crisis after 2008. The hateful rhetoric and violent xenophobic acts that have recently spread throughout Europe have increased the need to keep a close eye on the stealthy comeback of an old phenomenon with a new face and a greater adaptability to the new conditions.

But still, nationalism speaks the language of images; it offers sensual experiences and feeling of belonging, in the name of praised symbols and signs; moments of a shared history commemorated by monuments and the “homeland” – a sacred space, well-defined by borders, for which the security of private lives is to be sacrificed. Art and culture are very much a part of the nation-building process as well as being the disciplines capable of detecting hidden elements, decoding messages and subverting the hypnotic mechanism by which nationalism becomes a part of our daily lives. In line with its chosen name, the Private Nationalism Project does not plan to focus on moments of high political drama, but rather on the process by which these moments are so naturally absorbed and embraced by ordinary people.

Private Nationalism Bratislava
4 exhibitions / 4 discussions

10. 02. – 14. 02. 2015
17. 02. – 21. 02. 2015
24. 02. – 28. 02. 2015
03. 03. – 07. 03. 2015 (bus shuttle from Vienna will be organised for this event)

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Curated by: Ilona Németh, Fedor Blaščák, Rokko Juhasz
Organised by : Kassák Centre for Intermedia Creativity and Open Society Foundations, Slovakia
Coorganisers: Approach Association, Pécs, Hungary

Open Gallery
Baštová 5, 811 03 Bratislava