Paul Celan Fellowship 2016/2017: Six Translators selected

The jury of the Paul Celan Fellowships selected six translation projects for the term of the fellowship 2016-2017:

Hana Fořtová
Benjamin Constant: Principes de politique applicables à tous les gouvernements (1806)
French into Czech

Natalia Jakubova
Grzegorz Niziolek: Polski teatr Zagłady (2013)
Polish into Russian

Alexandru Polgar
Martha Rosler: Culture Class (2013)
English into Romanian

Stefaniya Ptashnyk
Ludwik Fleck: Entstehung und Entwicklung einer wissenschaftlichen Tatsache (1935)
German into Ukrainian

Nataliya Snyadanko
Sigmund Freud: Traumdeutung (1899/1900)
German into Ukrainian

Ovidiu Stanciu

Jan Patocka: Europa und Nach-Europa. Die nacheuropäische Epoche und ihre geistigen Probleme (2016)
German into Romanian

This year’s selection of books for the Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators could not have been more diverse: It comprises Constant’s ideas for constituting governments after revolutions (in his case the French), classics like Freud’s “Traumdeutung” and Fleck’s epistemology (which seems very important for the Ukrainian discours) up to Rosler’s “Culture class” which traces the development of the relationship between artmaking, economics and politics in the 20th century.
A very special and interesting project (not just for the Romanian public) is the translation of Patocka’s “Europa und Nach-Europa”, which isn’t discussing the End of History but the End of Europe and is trying to free the discours on globalization from eurocentrism.

More information about the programme can be found here.

The Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators is a joint cooperation of ERSTE Foundation and the Institute of Human Sciences (IWM) in Vienna.