PAST, CONTINUOUS – Contemporary Reflections on the Cultural Legacy of Socialism

Past Continous Cultural Legacy Socialism

The exhibition focuses on the relationship between the official culture of the socialist era and the contemporary artworks reflecting upon that. The idea is to pose the questions as to how this rather despised but robust legacy could be treated, what to do with the ideologically contaminated cultural heritage of this period, and how to regard the artworks of the socialist realist  ’50s and those of the Kádár era both stemming from similar ideas but representing dissimilar ways of expression. It is quite controversial how we relate to the socialist decades due to its recency directly involving our present. The attitudes towards the era alternate from nostalgia and embellishment to extreme refusal.

The main features of the exhibition consist of the diverse attitudes towards these issues: conscious abuse of symbols transmitting visual experience across generations, allusions to the cult of replication, exposure of works against suppression, and mindful strategies for processing the memory. The exhibit comprises creations of critical approach, concept ideas using visual aspects only as reference, and works processing personal biographical concerns. The invited artists coming from a wide range of generations and countries display broadly divergent perspectives.

28 May – 20 June 2014

Venue:  Fészek Artists’ Club, 36. Kertész street, Budapest
Curator: Edina Nagy
Associate Curators: Zsófia Bene, Nóra Feigl, Anna Juhász, Zsófia Márton, Emese Mucsi, Júlia Salamon

7 June
3 pm Presentation of a selection of propaganda filmstrips from the 50s and 60s, Örökmozgó Cinema
4 pm., Guided tour with the curators

14 June
4 pm, Guided tour with the curators

19 June, closing event
3 pm, guided tour with the curators
5 to 6:30 pm: Panel discussion, Tapestry Hall, Fészek Artist’s Club

Phil Collins: Marxism Today – video sequence at Cirko-Gejzir Cinema