PARALLEL LIVES – 20th Century through the Eyes of Secret Police

Parallel Lives

Parllel lives is an international interdisciplinary project, aiming to create six documentary theatre productions based on the study of materials contained in the archives of secret police in former Soviet bloc countries during the era of communism. The productions will premiere at the Divadelná Nitra, the largest theatre festival in Slovakia, in 2013.

During this year´s festival, the Parallel Lives Forum will take place. It is a public presentation of the project, of the selected stories and staging concepts by participating Parallel Lives artists.

In the framework of Parallel Lives PLUS the broad audience can see Teatr.Doc´s Two in Your House performance written by Elena Gremina and directed by Talgat Batalov and X milimeters out of Y kilometers performance directed by Gianina Cărbunariu. Further, the Czech film Kawasaki´s Rose and Czech documentary Theatre Svoboda, related to the theme of collaboration with secret police, will be screened.

With Parallel Lives, the Association Divadelná Nitra intends to support the work of artists using the methods of documentary theatre and focused on dealing with themes of the recent past of former socialist countries.

Parallel Lives Forum – a public presentation of the project
23 September 2012, 1.30 pm – 5 pm
DAB – Studio, Nitra, Slovakia

Two in Your House theater performance
Language: RU, subtitles: SK + ENG
22 September 2012, 4 pm – 5.20 pm; 9.30 pm – 10.30 pm
Karol Spišák Old Theatre – Tatra, Nitra, Slovakia

X milimeters out of Y kilometers theater performance
Language: RO, subtitles: SK + ENG
23 September 2012, 5.30 pm – 6.45 pm; 7.30 pm – 8.45 pm
Karol Spišák Old Theatre – Hall, Nitra, Slovakia

Svoboda Theatre (documentary directed by Jakub Hejna, Czech Republic, 2010, 95´)
23 September 2012, 12.00
DAB – Studio, Nitra, Slovakia

Kawasaki´s Rose (film directed by Jan Hřebejk, Czech Republic, 2009, 95´)
24 September 2012, 1.00 pm
SD – Reading Room, Nitra, Slovakia

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