One World Romania 2013

one world Romania 2013

One World Romania started in 2008 and is the only human rights documentary film festival in Romania. This year it will take place between 11-17 March 2013, in several cinemas in Bucharest, and the organisers dedicate it to Vaclav Havel’s memory.

“« I hate Romania: this is where everything bad happens », so told me a kid. And he added: « I saw that on TV ». Since the last edition of One World Romania, the quantity of hate and intolerance per square meter has exponentially grown. Our karma is broken… Abused – just like the kid – by this state of mind, we decided that the 6th edition of our festival will go against the tide (yet again). The program, put together with Adina Bradeanu, tries to be an antidote to hate and anger” – said Alexandru Solomon, the festival’s director.

By screening creative documentary films and organising debates around them, the goal is to present particular human rights issues in a more accessible manner for the general public. It seeks to encourage social participation as well to contribute to the growth of the Romanian civil society. International personalities of the civil society are invited to attend the projections and to moderate the debates. Besides the screening of around 50 movies, several events will accompany the festival, such as workshops for professionals and for high-school students, and two master classes.

For more information and the detailed programme, have a look at the festival’s website.