Off Frame Festival 2014

off Frame

In cooperation with the REX Cultural Centre and with the support of Gallery 12 HUB, Group “Let’s…” is organising the fourth consecutive Off Frame, a Belgrade based, regional festival of socially engaged theatre. The festival gathers authors and organisations from the domain of socially engaged theatre in Serbia, the region and beyond, promoting involvement in theatrical work and giving stage time to those who are disempowered in some particular social context.

Off Frame is taking place from 5 to 9 December, and will host authors which deal with the question of boundaries in various ways. Setting these boundaries (between the subject and the world) is a developmental phenomenon and it enables the developing subject to better understand its position in the world around it. The question is to what extent setting certain boundaries (employed by cultural institutions to pressure and define the acceptability of certain behaviours) over time confines an individual’s personal and social space, and by doing so makes any authentic and dialogic form of communication much more difficult. This way, we begin to perceive certain boundaries as self-implied. This year, the festival has made it its mission to question some of them.

This year’s programme comprises of 9 theatrical plays/performances, which pinpoint and focus on censorship and the consequences of taking it too far (“On Conscience (or Consciousness) – A Moving Essay on Dada Vujasinović”), limitations of language and communication (“Silence”), visual barriers (“Inner Lights”), geopolitical boundaries (“One Flew Over The Kosovo Theatre”), personal and political borders (“Another Letter Through Red Cross”), endurance limits (“Three Minutes” and the “STRAITJACKETS still in our town. Escapism with a smile.”), the effect of art (“Star Track”), setting limits to the acceptability of social rules (“The Boy Who Says Yes – the Boy Who Says No”). During the festival, presentations and round tables inspired by the plays and performances will be organised.

More information about the Festival you will find here.