New spirit of optimism in Austria


On 29 October the newly established union of non-profit foundations was presented to around 250 founders and representatives of culture, business, civil society and politics under the motto “making Austria flourish”. Participants at the kick-off event in Vienna also expressed the need to improve conditions for non-profit foundations: “It is absolutely essential that we improve opportunities for civil society engagement in Austria,” said Dr. Harald Katzmair, the president elect of the union of non-profit foundations. “Therefore we highly appreciate the efforts of the federal government.”

The event also featured the presentation of the book Gemeinnützige Stiftungen – wie wir Österreich zum Blühen bringen [Non-profit foundations – How we will make Austria flourish], published by the Julius Raab Stiftung and ERSTE Foundation. The Austrian “Foundation Atlas” illustrates the situation of non-profit foundations in Austria and compared to other countries worldwide, and pinpoints what these foundations are capable of today and the potential that can be tapped for and through the non-profit foundation system.

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Photo (left to right)
Dr. Harald Katzmair, Director and Founder of FASresearch, Franz Karl Prüller, Member of the Board of ERSTE Foundation, Dr. Harald Mahrer, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, Dr. Marisa Mühlböck, Director of Julius Raab Stiftung, Dr. Hedda-Hoffmann-Steudner, Association of German Foundations, Dr. Christoph Degen, proFonds –  the umbrella organisation of charitable foundations and associations in Switzerland 

Photographer: Richard Tanzer