„Multimedia for Livelihoods” reloaded


Building on the success of the 2014 activities, the Community Aid Network (based in Săcele – Brasov, Romania) continues the „Multimedia for Livelihoods” initiative. The project offers multimedia trainings (IT, photo, video) to young people from Săcele municipality, helping them to improve their technical, practical and social skills, and thus be better prepared for future jobs.

This year, the students who graduated the 2014 edition of the initiative will be included in a mentorship programme, and they will become volunteers/ IT assistants for the new generation, holding training sessions with the supervision and guidance of the main trainer. This way they will strengthen their abilities, will increase their confidence and will make friends with other colleagues from different cultural or ethnical backgrounds. In a mentorship program, each of them will help a younger student to acquire working abilities in multimedia modules: Windows, Office, web, photo, video, blog, film.

The graduades of the first generation will also participate in team building camps, and will go through a series of trainings of personal and professional development, on topics such as: communication and public speaking, developing self-esteem and confidence, planning a career, leadership, couple relations.

All these contribute to raising their social status in the community. „Multimedia for Livelihoods” helps to change mentalities, to eliminating prejudices and to decrease social differences.

The Community Aid Network is one of the member NGOs in the ERSTE Foundation Roma Partnership, an informal alliance of organisations dedicated to improving the life of Roma people in the communities across Central and South-Eastern Europe. The Partnership focuses on community initiatives that aim to create jobs and generate income.