Multimedia for Livelihoods: From Sacele, with love

The ERSTE Foundation Roma Partnership is about opportunities for developing livelihoods: to create jobs and generate incomes from community initiatives that could become more sustainable than top-down measures. We are trying to link Roma with non-Roma population groups, give catalytic inputs and access to other push-pull intervention mechanisms, including micro-finance groups, institutional investments and bank lending or expert consultancy on business development.

Best practise model of today: “Multimedia for Livelihoods”, a project of the Community Aid Network (CAN) in Sacele, Romania.

Life in Roma villages is very much hidden from public eye, hence the lack of initiatives to facilitate social and economic integration for Roma Youth. There is clearly a necessity to raise awareness on the needs of Roma communities and create a link between them and society at large. The local Community Aid Network (CAN) in Sacele, Romania, facilitates the dialogue between NGOs, strenghtens the relationship between NGOs and general public and raises awareness of the partnerships between the nonprofit and the business sector. Its main work focuses on supporting and increasing civil society participation in the area of Brasov County.

Multimedia Trainings Sacele

Multimedia for Livelihoods provides young Roma with the skills and tools to tell their stories. They learn how to use a photo camera as well as how video works. Participants of the training sessions at the Integration Centre in Sacele find out how to use a computer, transfer media, edit photos and make films. Of course, they also learn how to upload their multimedia material online and share it with the world.

The 2016 Multimedia for Livelihoods programme includes a variety of new activities both for the participants as well as for the 2014 and 2015 alumni. It sets the appropriate framework for applying the skills learned, for getting closer to the job sector, for learning while working.

photo workshop Sacele

The new generation of students in this year’s multimedia training can choose of five departments in order for the former graduate students to practice their skills in a field of interest. :

  • Multimedia training sessions, which involve 10 alumni assistants on a weekly basis
  • From Sacele, with love (“Din Sacele, cu drag”), a public campaign about the people, places, actions, and values that bring a great potential to the evolution of Sacele
  • Photo studio, an internship module for five alumni who study in-depth photography
  • Multimedia Summer Camp (for the first time!)
  • Proactive for Gârcini, a community civic action group in the local Roma neighbourhood

Each department has its own team consisting of one trainer or leader and volunteers who work on a monthly-planned schedule. Moreover, the students benefit from guidance and support in implementing their ideas, their creativity and solutions on a regular basis.

Find the full programme here (in Romanian).

Workshops Sacele 2016