Motovun Film Festival 12

26 – 30 July 2010

Motovun Film Festival is a five-day film marathon in which film screenings alternate from 10 a.m. until 4 a.m., with evening outdoor screenings and daily screenings in theatres. Festival program consists of around 70 titles from all over the world, from documentaries to feature films, from shorts to long forms, from guerilla made films to co productions. The only criteria in their selection is that they fit in the open-minded atmosphere of the festival with their innovations. This year the festival is being held for the twelwth time.

A selection of socially committed and activist films, simply called Socially Committed Motovun, is a new addition to the Festival’s program. The selection has been made possible in cooperation with ERSTE Foundation and with suggestions of Oliver Serti? from Restart Production. It is a result of the intention of the festival to deal with the burning social issues that media cannot or do not want to present adequately. The film festival therefore gives floor to activists, people who are in everyday contact with real stories about violation of human rights, civil actions, and vulnerable minorities. Besides a selection of the best films made in the field by activists themselves, it will also show new works of professional documentarists, from multiply awarded sisters Van Velsaen to hyperproductive young filmmaker Igor Bezinovi?. This year’s program is focused on trafficking and on the role of camera as a tool of alternative way of spreading information about problems in society.

Short discussions will take place after all screenings. Among the guests will be the representatives of Macedonian NGO La Strada, last years winners of ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration. For ten years, the girls from La Strada have been active in preventing trafficking. They will share their experience with the festival visitors.

Motovun Film Festival is entirely dedicated to films made in small cinematographies and independent productions, films that broke out through their innovation, ideas, and the power of their stories. In everything, except for the ambition and the quality, Motovun wants to be a small festival showing small films, small in the warmest sense of the word.

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