Manifesta 8 lecture in Budapest, by curatorial team

tranzit Manifesta 8 Lecture

1 March 2011, 6 pm
Ludwig  Museum, Budapest

One of the curatorial teams of Manifesta 8, – represented by Vit Havranek, Dora Hegyi, Boris Ondreicka and Georg Schollhammer – shares its experiences about the possibility to democratically „constitute” the rules of a group exhibition organized in Murcia, Spain in 2010.

Given the motto of Manifesta 8 in its dialogue with Northern Africa, recalled the Eastern European experience of the transformation of societies after the decline of socialism (and communism) and the different projections which the idea of communism had created for so many movements of liberation and self-determination in postcolonial societies. This became the starting point for their contribution to Manifesta 8 – a point that was not a dialogue, but a conflict of transfers of imaginations.

The members of the team will present the process which led to the project Constitution for Temporary Display, and they will also raise certain utopian and anarchistic aspects of writing a constitution beyond the framework of the actual exhibition. To what extent is constituting – as an ethical and pragmatic construction – suitable to replace the given order of an international art biennale? How far was or could the alliance of those concerned by the constitution be successfully realized? During the evening these issues and further experiences in connection with constituting will be discussed.

As part of the event, the film Rudderless, produced for the biennial by the Hungarian Manifesta 8 participants Igor and Ivan Buharov (Kornel Szilagyi and Nandor Hevesi), will be screened. The film was inspired by the poem with the same title written by Istvan Domonkos in 1971.

Organised by and ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange, Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art’s Affiliate.

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