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London School of Economics conference

We are proud to announce that five fellows of our ERSTE Foundation Fellowship for Social Research are invited to present their researches at the upcoming conference: “Post-crisis recovery in South Eastern Europe: policy challenges for social and economic inclusion”, organised by the London School of Economics:

Almina Bešić/ Austria: ‘Can expatriates of host-country origin meet the challenges in the Western Balkans? An analysis of Austrian multinationals’

Kitti Baracsi/ Hungary: ‘The Labour Market of the Others’

Nina Brancovic/ Bosnia and Herzegovina: ‘Selection and efficiency of policy instruments for social inclusion in Vocational Education and training in Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina’

Alexandra Szőke/ Hungary
: ‘Working out the meaning of value – (Un)employment and workfare in rural Hungary’

Katarina Jirsa/ Serbia: ‘Competitiveness of Women Victims of Domestic Violence on Labor Market – Problems and Perspectives’

Organised by the research unit of the London School of Economics, the conference aims to provide a forum for the presentation, dissemination and discussion of the latest research findings on topics related to questions of exclusion, inclusion and social and economic cohesion in South Eastern Europe and in countries in the wider ‘transition’ region. The conference will gather researchers from all social science disciplines, including social policy, political economy, economics, political science, public administration, sociology, and socio-legal studies.

For more information about the conference programme, have a look here!