Literary Festival KROKODIL 2012


KROKODIL is a three-day regional literary festival with a panel discussion, in which around 15 relevant authors from ex-Yugoslav and other European countries take part.

In Zagreb KROKODIL will present on 13th of May a choice of European writers such as Andres Barba (Spain), Thomas Glavinic (Austria), Joerg Albrecht (Germany), as well as those from the region of ex-Yugoslavia: Zoran Ferić (Croatia), Damir Avdić (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Sreten Ugričić (Serbia).

The festival will then travel to Belgrade, where it will have two performances, on 14th and 15th of June, in an open-air arena in front of the Museum of Yugoslav History with participation of following authors: Edo Popović (Croatia), Mirjana Đurđević (BiH), Vegel Laszlo (Hungary), Raša Todosijević (Serbia), Uglješa Šajtinac (Serbia) and musical act Stuttgart Online.

The main topic of the panel discussion this year is “Lost in the Future?” and will take place in Belgrade in CZKD at 12h. This time, for the first time since the reunification of Europe, there finally arose to the surface the all-European problem of massive financial crisis which is equally felt almost all over the continent. For the first time in history, both those living in the western and the eastern sides of it, as well as those in the north and in the south of the continent feel the same problem in much the same way and express their worries in a thus far unusually similar manner. Besides the obvious hardship that the crisis brings along, it seems that this is the first ever possibility of reaching mutual, continental consensus of the future of Europe. Participants at the panel discussion are: Federico Galvani (Italy), Igor Štiks (BiH-Croatia), Laszlo Vegel (Serbia), Mirjana Đurđević (Serbia) and Tea Tulić (Croatia).

13-15 June 2011
13 June: VIP Club, Trg bana Jelačića 7, Zagreb, 7pm
14 and 15 June: Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade 7pm
Opening: 13 June, Zagreb, 7 pm

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