KROKODIL Literary Festival

10-12 June 2010
Museum of  Yugoslav History, Belgrade

KROKODIL is a three day regional literary festival and panel discussion in which around 15 relevant authors from ex-Yugoslav countries take part.

This year, the main topic of the festival is TRAGEDY AND TRANSITION 1990-2010. 20 years have passed since  the beginning of wars in former Yugoslavia and people from this region are still dealing with ethnic hatred, xenophobia, identity crisis, prejudices and discrimination. Therefore, the festival KROKODIL wants to intensify dialogue and confrontation with the past, the present and the future of the region.

Many prominent authors such as Bora ?osi? (Serbia/Greece), Beqe Cufaj (Kosovo/Greece), Bekim Sejranovi? (Croatia/Bosnia and Herzegovina), Olja Savi?evi? Ivan?evi? (Croatia), David Albahari (Serbia) will take part at the festival. Very important part of the festival will also be round table discussions in Belgrade secondary schools, with the active participation of students in order to confront the common (national, ethnic, sexual, racial) prejudices of the youth.            

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