Now 720 artworks of 94 artists on display

Kontakt New Website

Kontakt. The Art Collection of Erste Group and ERSTE Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its new and strongly improved website. Through the new online representation, the page intends to offer a full display of its unique collection.

Up to now, Kontakt comprises around 720 artworks by over 94 artists from 14 different countries. Since its founding in 2004, works from the Kontakt. Art Collection have been displayed in around 80 exhibitions worldwide. Walter Seidl, curator of Kontakt, says: “We hope that with the launch of the new website, we can offer better visibility of the whole collection, many more of the works will be presented internationally in the future.”

What is new?

• New design

• Complete collection on display

• Complete list of publications by Kontakt

• Complete list of exhibitions by Kontakt

• Texts on every artist featured in the collection

• Texts on every artwork included in the collection

• Biographies of all artists featured in the collection

• Bibliographies of all artists featured in the collection

• Information about recent loans by Kontakt

Did you know, for example, where the name of the collection comes from? It bears the name “Kontakt” in tribute to the work of Slovak artist Július Koller (1939–2007), who left behind one of the most distinctive conceptual art oeuvres in the region of former Czechoslovakia. Moreover, Czech artist Jiří Kovanda also used the term “Kontakt” in his works in order to hint at the interrupted communication between art and the public as well as between the Communist Bloc and the Western world. The term’s existence in German was taken as the impetus to use it as a name for the collection in order to overcome the former East-West boundaries, as well as to assemble a body of works which has meanwhile made its way into a pan-European canon of art history.

This and many more information here:

Browse and enjoy!

BCR, Ceská spořitelna, Erste Bank Croatia, ERSTE Foundation, Erste Group, Erste Bank Hungary, and Slovenská sporitel’ňa are members of Kontakt. If you would like to receive more information about the collection’s activities, please send an email to