Knut Neumayer is new director of Social Development

Image of Knut  Neumayer

The director of the programme Europe, Knut Neumayer, will take on an additional function in the management of the ERSTE Foundation. As the new director of the programme Social Development, he will succeed Franz Karl Prüller, who joined ERSTE Foundation Management Board one year ago.

Neumayer considers his double function as director of two programmes an opportunity to generate even more synergies than before: “Democracy building and social development should go hand in hand, and this also applies to ERSTE Foundation. I would like to promote the better interconnection of our media focus and educational projects, on the one hand, with our integration themes, on the other hand, such as financial inclusion or continuing educational measures for NGOs that work with fringe groups.”

Knut Neumayer has been the director of the programme Europe since 2005. The projects ERSTE Foundation has developed as part of this programme include the Academy for Central European Schools (aces), the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence, the international foundation cooperation “European Fund for the Balkans“, the Democracy workshops in Montenegro.