Kinders – The Power of Music

“What can we do to transform sadness into joy?“ is the question an off-voice in the trailer of “Kinders” (“Children”) asks. Indeed, the film touches upon quite a few of these essential questions that both children and adults have to solve. And music is definately part of the answer this documentary tries to give. Kinders by Riahi Brothers starts in the cinemas on 11 November.

The film project accompanies children and teenagers in their often confusing and sometimes funny everyday lives. The programme ((superar)) that promotes music in the daily lives of children stands at the core of the film. Superar was founded following the example of El Sistema, a successful music education programme that came about in 1976 in Venezuela to teach children from Favelas how to play musical instruments trying to give them a new perspective.

In 2010, Superar was founded by CaritasVienna Concert House and Vienna Boys Choir. ERSTE Foundation joined as one of the early supporters of the project. There is no casting, no exam children have to take in order to participate in the music programme. They come from various migratory and social backgrounds and have often had a difficult past. The film was shot in three locations: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegowina and Turkey.

However, it was not the intention of directors Arash and Arman T. Riahi, to do a documentary on the the work of Superar. Instead it is the contrast between school, social environment and creativity, they wanted to portray. It is from the children’s perspective that we get to know their hopes, their dreams and theirconcerns.

“Some children have difficulties at school but at the same time they are doing great in the choir, have a wonderful voice and musicality and their success has increased their self-confidence profoundly”, says Arman Riahi. Taking the current (political) debate about how and what children between the age of six and twelve should be taught, this film is without a doubt a valuable source of Inspiration.

Kinders has won the Audience Award at Diagonale 2016.


Premiers in Austria:
9.11., Filmcasino Wien in the presence of the directors
11.11., Programmkino Wels  in the presence of the directors
13.11., 11 Uhr Matinee Filmcasino Wien in the presence of the directors
14.11. – 17.11., Volkskino Klagenfurt
18.11., 19:30 Uhr Rechbauerkino Graz in the presence of the directors
16.11. + 19.11., Kesselhaus Krems in the presence of the directors
1. 12. City Kino Steyr in the presence of the directors
2.12., Moviemento Linz in the presence of the directors

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