Kein Kies zum Kurven Kratzen_RELOADED: Award-winning forum theatre on tour in Austria

2010 is the Year of Fighting Poverty
Kein Kies zum Kurven Kratzen_RELOADED on 9 and 29 November 2010 in Vienna

Kein Kies zum Kurven Kratzen – neuer Armut entgegenwirken (Working against the new poverty) is the name of a legislative forum theatre project that was awarded the SozialMarie 2010, the first prize for innovative social projects in Austria. The project aims at spurring people to political action and participation, with substantial involvement of persons affected by poverty.

Kein Kies zum Kurven Kratzen_RELOADED is the updated version of the interactive piece; it was developed by persons affected by poverty in cooperation with the Österreichische Armutskonferenz. It illustrates, in short scenes, the vicious circle that leads into poverty—job loss, coming due of a loan, isolation, etc. After the performance, in the “forum” phase, the participants together with the auditorium discuss possible strategies for change and formulate propositions to politicians and authorities. The suggested changes will be discussed with the relevant stakeholders at a performance in the parliament in Vienna on 29 November 2010.

Forum theatre, or legislative theatre, is a form of theatre that gives socially disadvantaged persons the opportunity to participate in political decision processes. The interactive character of the theatre performances makes it possible to involve persons who are affected by poverty and to develop solutions together with them.

The project Kein Kies zum Kurven Kratzen – neuer Armut entgegenwirken (Working against the new poverty) is a contribution to The International Year of Poverty 2010. It was realised in cooperation with InterACT – Werkstatt für Theater und Soziokultur.

More information on the project as well as the dates of the performances are available at