Kakanien – New Republic of the Poets More speeches in Akademietheater in 2010

Each month over the course of a year, a guest from Austria’s intellectual neighbourhood will deliver a speech at the Akademietheater. These speeches will deal with intellectual similarities and differences, cultural clashes and synergies, and ethical demands and visions that arise as a result of the new neighbourhood constellation. Invited guests include international names such as Vaclav Havel, Péter Esterházy and Claudio Magris, as well as younger voices from the neighbouring countries and “border crossers” of the likes of Biljana Srbljanović, Dorota Masłowska and Dimitré Dinev. The series started in October 2009 and will continue in 2010.

26 January 2010, 8 pm:  Biljana Srbljanović, Serbia
Akademietheater, Vienna

Moderation: Michael Fleischhacker

Serbian playwright Biljana Srbljanović was born in Stockholm in 1970. She studied dramaturgy in Belgrade and gained international recognition in 1999 with her Belgrade war diary, which she wrote during NATO’s war against Yugoslavia and parts of which were published in German news magazine Der Spiegel. Her plays have been translated into several European languages and staged at theatres in various countries such as Germany, Austria, Serbia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, the US, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France. She received several cultural awards, among them the Ernst Toller Prize in 1999.

In July 2009 she opened the Balkan Case Challenge – an annual competition for excellent students from
12 Southeast European countries supported by ERSTE Foundation – with her much-noticed speech “The Balkans – A Future in Present Tense”.

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