Kakanien – New Homelands: Ukraine at the Turning Point

Kakanien Ukraine

Sabine Haupt is inviting two authors, the Odessa-born writer Marjana Gaponenko from Vienna, winner of the Adelbert von Chamisso Award and the essayist, writer and translator Jurko Prochasko, born in Iwano-Frankowsk and living in Lemberg to talk about language, identity and homeland.

„Until recently, Ukraine represented for me a symbiosis of Scythian warriors and nomads and earth bonded, peace-loving Slavs. Today, it represents the desperate desire for freedom, democracy and the rule of law, reminding us all of the fundamental values of the western world.” Marjana Gaponenko.

Jurko Prochasko – the writer, essayist and translator who has translated works of Robert Musil, Joseph Roth, Franz Kafka, Rainer Maria Rilke and Heinrich von Kleist wishes for international support in the fight for the long sought for changes and rule of law in his country.

Sabine Haupt will present the texts of the two Authors, written specially for the „Kakanien – New Homelands“ series. The actress will be accompanied by the Austrian musician Bernhard Moshammer, who will offer his interpretation of songs from Ukraine.

Presented by Sabine Haupt. With Marjana Gaponenko, Jurko Prochasko and Bernhard Moshammer

Date: 8 May 2014 at 8 pm
Venue: Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz, Schwarzenbergplatz 1, Vienna

For more information visit: www.burgtheater.at/aktuelles/kakanien