Kakanien – New Homelands: Episode 2

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It is both a challenge and a great opportunity to live without a homeland. “We, the countless millions of migrants (whether we are foreign workers, displaced persons, refugees or intellectuals commuting from Graz to Prague), don’t perceive ourselves as outsiders but as outposts of the future.” Vilém Flusser’s concept of homeland and his praise of homelessness are the main themes that Philipp Hauß has chosen for his very personal video piece. Hauß will host the second Kakania evening at the Kasino, revolving around the topic of homelands.

The evening will also feature a largely unknown and striking travelogue from Romania by Herta Müller: “Der Staub ist blind, die Sonne ist ein Krüppel (Dust is blind, the sun is a cripple)” and the travel report from eastern Slovakia by Karl-Markus Gauß: “Die Hundeesser von Svinia (The Dogeaters of Svinia)”. The nomad – according to the hypothesis – is not an imperfect being but the embodiment of potential. In the Kakanian region the Roma population looks back on a long tradition of nomadic life. They are, however, also modern people who have committed themselves to the freedom of a flexible life and a state of conscious uncertainty without having a place they call home.

Guests include Hungarian author and documentary filmmaker Kriszta Bódis (“Artista”, Voland & Quist publishing house, Dresden and Leipzig 2009) and the literary scholar Klaus-Michael Bogdal (“Europa erfindet die Zigeuner. Eine Geschichte von Faszination und Verachtung” – “Europe invents the gypsies. A history of fascination and contempt”).

Date: 19 June 2012, at 8 pm
Venue: Kasino Am Schwarzenbergplatz 1, 1010 Vienna
with Kriszta Bódis, Klaus-Michael Bogdal, Philipp Hauß and others

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