Josef Dabernig: Textual Photography – at

Josef Dabernig: Stadium panorama 4 in Małopolska (in 6 parts), 2011_Detail_02

Courtesy of the artist, Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna and Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam
© VBK Vienna, 2013

The first exhibition of Judit Angel, the new director of in Bratislava, is a one-man-show of Josef Dabernig. The exhibition comprises a new selection from Dabernig’s ongoing Panorama photo-series and the film Lancia Thema (2005) which aims to highlight trademark aspects of the artist’s oeuvre and propose new readings of the relationship between photography, film and space. As the first project of’s new program, the exhibition is also meant to model a concentrated, yet multilayered merging of concept, methodology, structure, medium and contextual approach.

The 345 small-sized photographs displayed on tables, in a number of strands, are outcomes of Dabernig’s travels in Eastern and Southern Europe, Latin America, Northern Africa and East Asia. All of them are panoramic views of more-or-less empty spaces on the outskirts of big cities: stadiums, sports grounds and other spaces undergoing transformation. While the central void represents a kind of zero-degree level of releasing people’s imagination, peripheral traces of historic, social, economic and cultural changes provide data for possible scenarios about these places. Viewing/reading them one after the other may easily turn into a filmic or textual experience. In a complementary manner, photographs from the artist’s archive and the ritual of taking panoramas serve as constitutive elements of Lancia Thema.

The continuous shift of cross-references between the photographs in the table-top installation and the film projection overlap with the dialogue with the site of the exhibition. Concentrated and complex, the project points to the amalgamation of structuring and releasing, rationality, criticality, self-irony and humour, rigour and passion in Dabernig’s artistic practice.

Josef Dabernig_3 panorama photos

Josef Dabernig: Stadium panorama 4 in Małopolska (in 6 parts), 2011_Details_01-03; Courtesy of the artist, Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna and Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam © VBK Vienna, 2013

Josef Dabernig: Textual Photography – at
Curated by Judit Angel

Opening: Friday, 25 October 2013, 7 pm

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Duration of the exhibition: 25 October – 1 December 2013
Opening hours: Friday – Sunday, 2.00 – 6.00 pm
Location: tranzit dielne/workshops, Studená 12, Bratislava


Additional programmes:

Josef Dabernig: lecture and workshop with students
Date: 7 November 2013, 11 am
Location: Studio IN (Department of Intermedia and Multimedia), Academy of Fine Arts and Design – Hviezdoslavovo námestie, 18, Bratislava

“Travelling is a cinematic affair …” – Josef Dabernig in discussion with Christian Kravagna, Daniel Grúň, and Judit Angel
Date: 7 November 2013, 5 pm
Location: Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Lecture room 135 – Hviezdoslavovo námestie, 18, Bratislava
A collaboration project with Studio IN (Department of Intermedia and Multimedia) in the frame of Open Studio program.