Ivan Martin Jirous: "Leben / Werk / Zeit" – Book Presentation in Vienna

Ivan Martin Jirous


The book “Magor Ivan Jirous” is dedicated to the post-revolutionary poet, art historian and essayist Ivan Martin Jirous, also Magor (in English: the madman), who was the leading ideologist and organiser of the underground movement of the 70s and 80s in former Czechoslovakia. Jirous’ work reached its most intense effect at the time of the so-called “normalisation” between 1969 – 1989. The works of Ivan Magor Jirous were prohibited until the Velvet Revolution and were published only in samizdat.

“Magor Ivan Jirous” includes selected works of his poetry and poems, samizdat literature such as articles, polemics and reviews, letters from prison (among others his correspondence with Vaclav Havel), award-winning children’s stories, his political texts about the “Underground” and the “second culture” in Czechoslovakia as well as his memoirs “The True Story of the Plastic People”. The publication is completed with a foreword by Vácalv Havel, followed by more detailed discussions with Jirous and other personalities from the world of the underground, contemporary documents and photographs.

The book is published in German language by the Braumüller publishing house and will be available in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Date: Tuesday, 19.2.2013, 6:30pm

Location: Tschechisches Zentrum Wien (The Czech Centre) Herrengasse 17, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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