Invisible Gipsy

Play, 23 May 2010, Prague

The play Invisible Gipsy portrays a Roma family and their clash with the value system of the country they are living in. The story of Invisible Gipsy fits into the framework of the questionable existence of the Roma and their (in)visibility. It deals with the troubles of a Roma family, whose job is to entertain people by means of music and a bear they force to dance with them. This form of entertainment comes into conflict with the law, which threatens their mere existence. The play is underlined with beautiful music played by musicians on stage. Here you can read the synopsis.

Conceptualized and produced by Intercultural Theatre III/40 Novi Sad, it will have its world premiere on 23 May 2010 at the Khamoro World Roma Festival in Prague. The festival presents the perfect stage for a play dealing with the burning issues of the Roma in many European countries. It is one of the main aims of the Intercultural Theatre to emphasise the relationship between cultures and the necessity for mutual interaction. The focus remains on stigmatised groups and their problems in societies with acceptance difficulties.

The Khamoro World Roma Festival
24-29 May 2010
Francouzská 2, 120 00 Prague, Czech Republic

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