International Symposium on Curatorial Practice

1-2 October 2010, Ljubljana
Exhibition as Artistic Medium, Curator of Contemporary Art as the Artist. The Changing Statuses of the Exhibition and the Curator in the Field of Contemporary Art.

We are yet to  find the answer as to whether and how is an exhibition a form of art and the curator an artist, however, the debates surrounding these issues, and especially criticisms and reproaches have become a permanent fixture in the discourses linked to contemporary art. As it seems that persisting in the elementary debate and the rejection of such development on the basic level merely hinder the actual research and understanding as to how do the medium of the exhibition and its author function and what influence do they have, the symposium will try to actively confront these issues. Twelve lecturers will attempt to shed some light on these two phenomena, most of them will perform this by treating and analysing actual contemporary or historical examples.

In the background of the symposium lies the idea that large system changes have occurred and are still occurring in the field of contemporary art and to a certain degree in art in general. However, they are not treated and reflected upon as they occur, and they are especially rarely efficiently theoretically analyzed and explained in the local context. They are almost taken for granted and believed to be a sort of “natural flow of events” as if they have no significant influence on the artistic production, etc. The changing of the statuses of the exhibition – which is in a way a “privileged genre” of our period – and the curator in the field of contemporary art are two such phenomena.

Moderna galerija Ljubljana, Tomši?eva 14, Ljubljana

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