Spalatorie Theater_Erratum

teatru-spălătorie presents: INDEPENDENT MOLDOVA. ERRATUM, a performance by Ion Borș, David Schwartz, Dumitru Stegărescu, Doriana Talmazan, Irina Vacarciuc.

The performance constructs a subjective history of the Republic of Moldova that aims to complete and correct the official version of recent history. It is an unwritten history that is not taught in schools, constructed from the perspectives of ordinary people on economic and political changes. The performance brings together both a defying representation of the main public historical events, and the voices of those who seldom, if ever, force their way into history books.

During the current year, the artists gathered documentary materials from several different sources: on one hand, personal stories, interviews, discussions and investigations within family narratives, political poems and songs; on the other hand, sources related to official mainstream history – school books, public documents, newspaper archives, TV and web archives, media corporation archives.

In a present-day context where the political leaders, the main business agents and the mainstream intellectuals join hands against common people, teatru-spălătorie advances a series of needed errata to the official version of history, a history that is ussualy written by the ruling class and used as an instrument of power.

Date: 23.01.2014, 7 pm
Location: Eminescu 72, Chișinău

Two more performances are planned for 20 February and 27 March.

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