New Programme successfully helps unemployed Hungarians to find a job

Incorpora Hungary presented in November 2016 supports disadvantaged people in Hungary who seek employment. The new programme was launched by ERSTE Foundation and “La Caixa” Foundation in June 2016.

Tackling unemployment is one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century and a global challenge. While the unemployment rate in Hungary is decreasing continually (as of September 2016 there are 226 thousand registered unemployed in Hungary, meaning 4.9% of the population does not have a job), for people with disadvantages it is still very difficult to get into the labor market and for the most part they are the last to be employed.

Incorpora is a highly successful programme creating sustainable employment, which was developed and launched by “la Caixa” Foundation in Spain in 2006. In the last decade, nearly ten thousand companies, 370 partner NGOs and almost 100 thousand jobseekers have joined the initiative. In June 2016 Incorpora Hungary, now initiated jointly by ERSTE Foundation and “la Caixa” Foundation and adapted to local conditions, was launched in Hungary with six participating NGOs.

The goal of the programme is to help the most vulnerable, such as the physically or mentally disabled or people living in poverty, back into the labor market, and to lay down the foundations of a sustainable employment pattern, through which the disadvantaged workers could be employed.

During the programme, professional integration managers support the work of both the employing companies and the jobseekers to ensure a successful employment. Assessing recruitment needs, determining the job profiles according to the needs of the company, supporting the screening and selection, as well as the integration process, and later monitoring are all part of the process. What makes Incorpora Hungary a unique programme is the fact that NGOs who usually work on their own to integrate people in the job market, joined forces on a platform. They are working together by sharing knowledge, experience, and expertise to integrate disadvantaged people with various backgrounds. The experts who support the job integration are financed by the programme.

In the past five months, already 90[1] disadvantaged persons could find a job with the help of Incorpora:

  • 36 disabled persons
  • 36 persons living in poverty
  • 5 disadvantaged young people
  • 13 disadvantaged women (long term unemployed and above the age of 45)

All of them have been integrated back into the labour market. The majority got employed in the service sector, especially at food chains and catering facilities carrying out administrative duties and semi-skilled work.

24 companies have joined Incorpora Hungary since the launch of the initiative. The programme provides many advantages also for employers involved since Incorpora offers financial and human resource options that can greatly affect a company’s competitiveness. The hiring of disadvantaged people contributes to a motivated workforce, while by employing people with changed working ability, young or disadvantaged workers, companies can get tax reliefs which will reduce their expenditure. Companies joining Incorpora could become members of the Incorpora Club through which they could take part in professional trainings and workshops furthering their competency.

Incorpora Hungary’s coordinating NGO:

  • Civil Impact Nonprofit Kft.
    As Incorpora Hungary’s coordinating NGO, Civil Impact facilitates the common objectives set by the mediator organizations and the employers’.

NGOs participating in Incorpora Hungary:

Incorpora Hungary is jointly supported by ERSTE Foundation and “la Caixa” Foundation

Find the press-release here.


[1] Statistics as of November 15