In Transitional Landscapes


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In the realms of political and societal transitions the question of how to work both with and within controversial landscapes is raised. The current multi-layered, far-reaching and interlinked regions, capable of changing overnight, are the work domains of artists, architects and urban researchers, who are supposed to hand over content like batons in relay races. The interdisciplinary dialogue will address which channels the located and situated transitions take into theory, architecture and the arts. The various reports from the guests’ fields and practices will underpin these interdependencies. Landscapes and everyday practices emerge, with activists, researchers, artists and planners reacting to them. How can transitions, their contexts and perspectives be integrated into working processes without continuously producing retrospectives? How can the relay race be disrupted? What do the diverse and multi-layered approaches bring to bear upon the velocities and proximities of production, even reaching the scales of myriads of individual biographies and narratives, which are still to be re-assembled in theory and collaborations?

On 16 January 2015, the following guests will report on their experiences at the Packhaus (Marxergasse 24, 1030 Vienna):

Azra Aksamija , Boston + Graz + Sarajevo
Ana Dzokic & Marc Neelen / STEALTH.unlimited – Amsterdam + Beograd
Suzana Milevska, Skopje + Vienna
Vjeran Pavlakovic , Rijeka

Lectures: 2:30 p.m.
Discussion: 6 p.m.
Workshops will take place on 15 and 16 January.

All lectures and workshops will be held in English.
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This public event is part of the seminar “Art in Transitional Landscapes” at the Institute of Art and Design, Vienna University of Technology, and was developed to support architecture students in writing their first profound research papers on cities, objects, places, competitions and concepts in transitional landscapes. Programme development and realisation: Karin Reisinger, Amila Širbegović.