Impact Festival Cluj-Napoca

Impact Festival Cluj

On 16 June, Cluj-Napoca will host the biggest public dialogue ever organised in Romania, open to all those interested to generate positive change and to actively leave a fingerprint on the future of their city.

Impact Festival is the first large scale event organized by the Impact Hub Network in Cluj-Napoca, part of the Unlikely Allies Summit 2015, an unconventional conference where an unlikely group of over 300 diverse ecosystem actors can advance human innovation and foster our most precious goal of all: collective impact.

The event is open to all those who want to get involved: students, artists, volunteers for various organisations, entrepreneurs, business representatives, sportspeople etc.

Impact Festival has three main parts:

Inspiration Arena: a series of 30-minute keynote speeches, where people can question fundamental assumptions about the world and share new ideas about how the world can be approached differently.

Masterclasses: local and global experts share their knowledge in 90-minute sessions on diverse impact topics.

World Café: a collaborative dialogue with over 1,000 citizens, the largest ever outdoors public dialogue to take place in Romania, exploring the future of the city, a space for meaningful conversations on questions such as:

“How to envision the future of the city?”
“What kind of European Capital of Culture does Cluj want to become?”
“How do inhabitants see themselves contributing in making the city a better place to live in?”

The festival is organised by Impact HUB together with BCR and ERSTE Foundation.